Project coordinator: Vladica Cvetković, petrologist/geochemist, Associate Professor. PhD: 1997. 2005: Lise Meitner Fellowship at the University of Salzburg. Research: mineralogy and petrology/geochemistry. Projects: British Royal Society JPG 2001/02, WUS Project 2002, SCOPES (Swiss Science Foundation) 2006/07, CEEPUS Project, IGCP/UNESCO, EUROPROBE, PANCARDI, GEODE, etc. Languages: English, German, Italian.
Significance for the project: Dr. V. Cvetković has enough experience in international scientific collaboration. He has worked personally in many well-equipped European laboratories which deal with microanalytics of solid state material (e.g. SEM-EDS, EPMA, LA-ICPMS). In addition, Dr. V. Cvetković has great knowledge of geology and geochemistry of rocks occurring in areas that are most polluted by mining waste in Serbia. His experience ensures high quality project management including risk assessment and urgent decision-making.
Two most recent publications:
Pavićević, M.K., Cvetković, V., Amthauer, G., Bieniok, A., Boev, B., Brandstaetter, F., Goetzinger, M., Jelenković, R., Prelević, D., Prohaska, T. (2006): Quartz from Allchar as monitor for cosmogenic 26Al: Geochemical and petrogenetic constraints. Mineralogy and Petrology 88: 527–550. DOI 10.1007/s00710-006-0134-8
Cvetkovic, V.,Lazarov, M., Downes, H., Prelevic, D. (2006): Modification of the subcontinental mantle beneath East Serbia: Evidence from orthopyroxene-rich xenoliths. Lithos. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2005.12.016
Curriculum Vitae

Deputy Project Coordinator: Aleksandar Kremenović, crystallographer/physico-chemist, Assistant Professor. PhD: 2000. 2002: post-Doc: Labo. SPMS, ECP, 92295 Châtenay-Malabry, France. Research: Crystallography, physical chemistry of solids, X-ray and neutron diffraction, single crystal and powder diffraction techniques (X-ray and neutrons). Projects: COOCOP France-YU and SCG-Slovenia projects. Languages: English, French.
Significance for the project: Dr. A. Kremenović posses all the characteristics necessary for managing the dissemination and utilization activities. He is an internationally recognized scientist having a vivid international collaboration at both European and regional level.
M. Vučinić-Vasić, B. Antić, A. Kremenović, A.S. Nikolić, J. Blanuša, S. Rakić, V. Spasojević, A. Kapor, (2007): Investigation of nanocrystalline phases in Li–La–Fe–O system formed by the decomposition of acetylacetonato complexes. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 428 322–326.
A. Kremenović, D. Poleti, N.-E. Ghermani, Lj. Karanovića, U. B. Mioč, Z Nedić and A. Spasojević-de Biré (2007): Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Hexaaquamagnesium hydrogen phosphododecatungstate tetrahydrate, [Mg(H2O)6][HPW12O40]·4H2O. Crystal Research and Technology 42 98 – 104.

Member of team: Ljiljana Karanović, crystallographer, Full Professor, Chief of the Laboratory for Crystallography. PhD: 1985. Research: Crystallography of sulphides and sulphosalts, silicates, borates and phosphates, complexes of transition metals with aromatic polycarboxylic acids. Visits to Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, University of Oxford (1980), Centro di Studio per la Cristallochimica e la Cristallografia C.N.R., Pavia (1988). Particip. to the Project No. 9901772 (KU 56347) (RC-Denmark) Language: English.
Significance for the project: Prof. Lj. Karanović is highly experienced in configuring, maintaining and running the Laboratory of Crystallography along with performing high-level education and research work.
Poleti, D., Karanović, Lj., Hadži-Tonić, A., (2007): Doped g‑Bi2O3: synthesis of microcrystalline samples and crystal chemical analysis of structural data, Z. Kristallogr., 222(2), 59-72..
Karanović, Lj., Rosić, A., Poleti, D., (2004): Crystal structure of nobleite, Ca[B6O9(OH)2]·3H2O, from Jarandol (Serbia), Eur. J. Mineral., 16, 825-833.

Member of team: Aleksandra Rosić, crystallographer, Assistant Professor; PhD: 2005; Research: X-ray powder analysis of minerals, applied crystallography, ceramic materials, archaeological materials, pigment, cement, ash, urocalculi. Language: English.
Significance for the project: Dr. Aleksandra Rosić has experience in high-level scientific research both in fundamental crystallography and in various industry- and technology-oriented projects. Recently, Dr. A. Rosić is conducting independent project dealing with incineration ash as possible raw material in Serbia.
Vuković, Z., Milutinović, A., Rožić, Lj., Rosić, A., Nedić, Z., Jovanović, D. (2006): The influence of acid treatment on the composition of bentonite. Clays and Clay Minerals, 54 (6), 697-702.
Karanović, Lj., Rosić, A., Poleti, D. (2004): Crystal Structure of Nobleite, Ca[B6O9(OH)2]3H2O, from Jarandol, (Serbia). Eur. J. Mineral., 2004, vol. 16(5), 825-833.

Member of team: Radovan Dimitrijević, crystallographer, Assoc. Prof. PhD: 1985. Research: Study of bauxite, bentonite, Pb-Zn sulphide, sulpho-salts, sedimentary/synthetic zeolites, silicates, ceramics, aluminosilicate materials. Language: English.
Significance for the project: Dr. R. Dimitrijević has great experience in investigation of microstructural modifications of micropermable  and mesopermeable solid materials and that is invaluably important for study of solid pollutants. 
A.Kremenovic, P.Norby, R.Dimitrijevic and V.Dondur, (2004): Phase transition in hexacelsian at about 580 K. Phase Transition, 77 955-987.

Member of team: Suzana Erić, mineralogist, Assistant. PhD: 2005. Research: mineralogy and crystallography of silicates occurring in regional metamorphic rocks with special emphasis on determining P-T conditions of their origin. Language: English
Significance for the project: Experience in: organizing meetings

Erić, S., Logar, M., Milovanović, D., Babič, D., Adnađević, B., in print (January 2009): Ti-in-biotite geothermometry in non-graphitic, peraluminous metapelites from Crni vrh and Resavski humovi (Central Serbia), Geologica Carpathica

Project Secretary: Kristina Šarić, petrologist/geochemist, Assistant Professor. PhD: 2009, University of Belgrade. Language: English, Greek. Research field: igneous rocks and processes, ophiolites of the central axis of the Balkan peninsula, granites associated with ophiolites. Significance for the project: Expirience in: web-design, organizing meetings, international scientific cooperation, laboratory work
Š arić, K., Cvetković, V., Romer, R.L., Christofides, G., Koroneos, A., in print: Granitoids associated with East Vardar ophiolites (Serbia, F.Y.R. of Macedonia and northern Greece): origin, evolution and geodynamic significance inferred from major and trace element data and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes. Lithos, 108, 131-150.
Cvetkovic, V., Poli, G., Christofides, G., Koroneos, A., Pécskay, Z., Resimic-Šarić, K., Eric, V., 2007: The Miocene granitoid rocks of Mt. Bukulja (central Serbia): evidence for Pannonian extension-related granitoid magmatism in the northern Dinarides. European Journal of Mineralogy. 19/4, 513-532.

Member of team: Aleksandar Pačevski, mineralogist. PhD: 2009. Research field: ore mineralogy and ore deposits. Language: English. Significance for the project: Dr Aleksandar Pačevski has worked personally in several European laboratories equipped with SEM-EDS, EPMA and micro-Raman spectroscopy. He has notable experience in sample preparation (polish section, etc.). His research field has great importance in study mining waste materials.
Latest Publications:
Pačevski, A., Libowitzky, E., Živković, P., Dimitrijević, R. & Cvetković, Lj. (2008): Copper-bearing pyrite from the Čoka Marin polymetallic deposit, Serbia: Mineral inclusions or true solid-solution? – Canadian Mineralogist, 46: 249-261.

Member of team: Predrag Vulić, crystallographer. MSc: 2005, Final stage of PhD (2010). Research field: crystallographic characterization of alkaline and earth alkaline aluminosilicates. Language: English. Significance for the project: Predrag Vulić has vast experience in single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction experiments (both Rietveld and microstructure analysis), and in single crystal growth, obtained in several European laboratories.
Latest publication:
Vulić, P., Kahlenberg, V., & Konzett, J. (2008): On the existence of a Na-deficient monoclinic trinepheline with composition Na7.85Al7.85Si8.15O32. American Mineralogist, 93 (7): 1072-1079.
Lazić, B., Kahlenberg, V., Vulić, P., Pesić, L. & Dimitrijević, R. (2009): Meta-autunite from a Li-pegmatite of the Cer Mt., Serbia: Its mineralogical and XRD investigations. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Mineralogie - Abhandlungen, 186 (3): 333-344.