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Milica Pešić-Georgiadis


Name and Surname: Milica Pešić-Georgiadis


Е-mail: milica.pesic@rgf.bg.ac.rs

Address: Djušina 7    Cabinet:

Personal presentation:

Chair: Chair of Open Pit Planning and Design

Subjects - Аccreditation 09:

Course Title Name of degree program Degree School hours
GIS Technologies Environmental engineering and safety engineering Basic studies 2+1
Geostatistical Deposit Modeling Mining Engineering Master studies 2+2


Subjects - Аccreditation 13:

Course Title Degree and Name of program School hours
Geoinformatics Basic studies: Environmental Engineering
Master studies: Geology
Geostatistical Deposit Modeling Master studies: Mining Engineering 2+2+0+0
GIS Technologies Master studies: Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, Geology, Environmental Engineering 2+2+0+0
Optimization of Surface Mines Master studies: Mining Engineering 2+2+0+0