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Pumps, Compressors and Fans

Course Description

Study program: Mining Engineering (VI semester -OAS)

Name of subject: Pumps, Compressors and Fans

Instructors: Dr Marija Živković, Aleksandar Madžarević

Status: Optional


Prerequisites: none

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students are trained to design, operate and maintain facilities which contain: pumps, compressors and fans.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have the ability to accomplish the following competencies: identify the principals involved in the operation of pumps, compressors and fans, select a proper pump/compressor/fan for mining and energy facilities and diagnose problems in pumps, compressors and fans.


Theory teaching
Through theoretical aspects students shall be educated about:operating principles of pumps for transportation of pure fluids, oil and hydromixtures. Special attention is dedicated to non-stationary pump operation and wear problems. Compressors operating principles (reciprocating, screw, and centrifugal) are presented with a particular emphasis to the implementation in the mining and gas industry. Fans operating principles, fan components, system resistance, fan curve, operating points, using fans in series and parallel, are elaborated in the course.

Suggested Reading List

  1. В. БаталовићХидрауличке и пнеуматичке машине у рударству, РГФ, Београд 1996
  2. В.Баталовић Машине и уређаји у рударству нафте и гаса, НИС Нови Сад, 2001.
  3. В. Баталовић Машине и уређаји за бушење и опремање нафтних и гасних бушотина, Београд 2011.

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
2 2 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Problems related to the topics given in the lectures are being addressed in the exercises. Preparation of written and oral presentation of seminar work is envisaged, to provide more detailed elaboration of the topic presented in the lectures.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Oral Exam 30
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Written Tests 2
Seminars 1

Additional Assessment Criteria -