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Geology - basic academic studies

Conditions for enrolment: Finished high school education in a four years period and passed entrance exam.

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Study programme objectives: 

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Further approach: A degree holder may enrol in master academic studies.

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Professional status: Geologist

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I year          
Name of subjects I semester II semester ECTS The status Professor
Mathematics 1 3 +2 6 Compulsory   Stankov Dragan
Chemistry 3 +3 7 Compulsory   Baošić Rada
General Geology 2 +2 6 Compulsory   Gerzina Nataša
General Mineralogy 2 +3 7 Compulsory   Vulić Predrag
Basics of Paleontology 2 +0 2 Compulsory   Lazarević Zorica
Field Study in General Geology 1 +0 +2 2 Compulsory   Gerzina Nataša
Physics 1 3 +3 7 Compulsory   
Mineral Systematic 2 +3 7 Compulsory   Erić Suzana
Systematic Paleontology 2 +2 5 Compulsory   Đerić Nevenka
Geomorphology 2 +2 5 Compulsory   Gerzina Nataša
Field Study in Mineralogy 1 +0 +2 2 Compulsory   Pačevski Aleksandar
Course/ Subject of Elective Bl1 2 +1
Elective Block1 I semester II semester ECTS The status Professor
Mathematics 2 2 +1 4 Optional   Marinković Boban
Descriptive Geometry 2 +1 4 Optional   Stankov Dragan
English 2 2 +1 4 Optional   Beko Lidija
II year          
Name of subjects III semester IV semester ECTS The status Professor
General Stratigraphy 2 +1 3 Compulsory   Rundić Ljupko
Petrology of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks 3 +3 7 Compulsory   Srećković - Batočanin Danica
Structural Geology 2 +3 6 Compulsory   Trivić Branislav
Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks 2 +3 6 Compulsory
Basics of Geophysics 2 +1 3 Compulsory   Đurić Dragana
Course/ Subject of Elective Bl2 2 +2
Mineral Deposits 2 +2 5 Compulsory   Jelenković Rade
Historical Geology A 3 +2 6 Compulsory   Radivojević Dejan
  Rundić Ljupko
Geochemistry 3 +0 6 Compulsory   Prelević Dejan
Field Study in Petrology 1 +2 4 Compulsory   Srećković - Batočanin Danica
Field Study in Structural Geology 1 +0 +2 4 Compulsory   Trivić Branislav
Course/ Subject of Elective Bl3 2 +2
Elective Block2 III semester IV semester ECTS The status Professor
Basics of Hydrogeology 2 +2 5 Optional   Dragišić Veselin
Basics of Geodesy 2 +2 5 Optional   Milutinović Aleksandar
Exploration and Exploitation Drilling 2 +2 5 Optional   Gluščević Branko
Physical and Colloid Chemistry 2 +2 5 Optional   Vučinić Dušica
Elective Block3 III semester IV semester ECTS The status Professor
Origin and Development of Life 2 +2 5 Optional   Milivojević Jelena
Engineering Geology 2 +2 5 Optional   Abolmasov Biljana
Engineering Hydrogeology 2 +2 5 Optional   Dokmanović Petar

*Note: Courses marked in gray will not be held in the school year 2015/2016