University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology
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Geophysics - master academic studies

Conditions for enrolment: Achieved 300 ECTS points at basic and master academic studies

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Study programme objectives: 

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Further approach: The university education system in the Republic of Serbia does not envisage continuation of studies after the finished doctoral academic studies.

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Professional status: Ph. D. in geology engineering

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V year          
Name of subjects IX semester X semester ECTS The status Professor
Geophysical Monitoring 2 +2 5 Compulsory   Vučković Dejan
Physical Properties of the Earth’s Interior 2 +2 5 Compulsory   Cvetkov Vesna
Numerical Methods 2 +3 5 Compulsory   Stankov Dragan
Scientific Research 3 +0 2 Compulsory
Study Research 1 0 +0 +6 3 Compulsory
Professional Practice in Geophysics 2 0 +0 2 Compulsory
Field Study in Geophysics 2 1 +3 5 Compulsory   Đurić Dragana
Course/ Subject of Elective Bl9 2 +2
Study Research 2 0 +0 +6 3 Compulsory
Course/ Subject of Elective Bl10 2 +2
Diploma Thesis in Geophysics 0 +0 20 Compulsory
Elective Block9 IX semester X semester ECTS The status Professor
Analysis of Gravity and Magnetic Field Anomalies 2 +2 5 Optional   Vasiljević Ivana
  Cvetkov Vesna
Processing and Interpretation of Seismic Signals 2 +2 5 Optional   Đurić Dragana
Coal Geology 2 +2 5 Optional   Životić Dragana
Quaternary Geology 2 +2 5 Optional   Nenadić Draženko
Formation Geology 2 +2 5 Optional   Rundić Ljupko
Elective Block10 IX semester X semester ECTS The status Professor
Environments Creating Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks 2 +2 5 Optional   Cvetković Vladica
Methods of Stratigraphic Research 2 +2 5 Optional   Rundić Ljupko
Geomorphological Analysis 2 +2 5 Optional   Stojadinović Uroš
  Krstekanić Nemanja
Electromagnetometry 2 +2 5 Optional   Ignjatović Snežana

*Note: Courses marked in gray will not be held in the school year 2015/2016